My story

Since 1972 I was interested in electronics and took an electronic exam in 4 years.
After a while I found out that this was not enough for me, so I took 2 more years to become a electronic engineer. In the middle of my education, the interest of working with radio got me to take the D-Licens here in Denmark in 1983 and in 1986 I took the B-Licens with morse to become a full amateur. 1997 the B-Licens was upgraded to A-Licens.
I live in the south part of Denmark, on the island of ALS - JO44xx.
My main interest is 10m - 6m - 2m and also satellite - QO-100. I'm also QRV on d-star.
My main station is a Apache Labs 200D, that is used for HF and VHF. It is all located in my basement in a rack system together with the Harris Platinium Power Amplifiers for 6M and 2M. Transverter for 2M is a Kuhne TR 144H.
The system is remotely connected to my electronic workshop over local internet so that I'm free from the noise from the fans .
Same way as my main station, is my QO-100 Transceiver remotely controlled over internet in my garten - and all is powered fully offgrid with sunpower from Li-Ion batteries. If you have interest in how it is done, do not hesitate to contact me:
lm at a-l-s dot dk
Best 73 and hope to hear you on the frequencies - OZ7LM Leif