My Station

My station is a SDR Radio – Anan-200D from Apache Labs – remote controlled over local network to the Basement. I bought my first SDR-Hermes PCB from Apache Labs back in 2014 fully mounted. In December 2017, I upgraded to the Anan-200D to get full potential of 2 receivers and to experimenting with noise cancelling when using diversity. Also pure signal output is also something that I will use.

2M: PA is a Harris 1 KW with selfmade cooling unit. Power / SWR is controlled with a special power unit, that will be descriped under projects.
6M: PA is Harris 1 KW and antenna is a new 6 Element LFA-R Yagi.
2 M: Kuhne TR144H-40 Transverter that gives about 20 W out, feed into a Harris 1 KW PA.
Antenna is 2 x 9 elm. yagi’s with a HA8ET EXTRA-2 REV6 Preamplifier and antenna combiner.
All mounted on a 18 Meter Tower with Yaesu G-2800DXC Antenna rotor.

Here are the newest pictures of my rack mounted station:

My rack in the Basement, has all my hardware for the station.

On top are my 2 PA’s for 2 Meter and 6 Meter with the cooling down under. Next the power distribution with cooling / temperature monitoring over ethernet.
After that comes Anan 200D SDR – and lowest are Power Supply and a PowerAmp.





My two 1 KWatt PA’s are from Harris.





My New Anan-200D SDR transceiver