My Station

My station is a SDR Radio – Anan-200D from Apache Labs – remote controlled over local network to the Basement. I bought my first SDR-Hermes PCB from Apache Labs back in 2014 fully mounted. In December 2017, I upgraded to the Anan-200D to get full potential of 2 receivers and to experimenting with noise cancelling when using diversity. Also pure signal output is also something that I will use.



On the SDR Hermes Board, There are small cooling plates mounted on different IC’s, to get better cooling. Specially the FPGA and the small power regulators are getting very hot when not special cooled.




The Hermes board is working up to 6M, and to get more power to the PA, there is a 10 W driver with filters mounted for the HF bands up to 30Mhz.




To get the right sequence out when transmitting, I have made a Sequencer with 4 outputs and sense from relay when shifting.
Sequencer description is under projects.
There is a new sequencer on the way, to get better distribution for PTT and signals when using transverters.


PA is a Harris 1 KW with selfmade cooling unit. Power / SWR is controlled with a special power unit, that will be descriped under projects later.
6M: PA is Harris 1 KW and antenna is at the moment a 5 elm. Yagi. Soon there will come a new 6 Element LFA-R Yagi in the spring 2018.
2 M: Kuhne TR144H-40 Transverter that gives about 20 W out, feed into a Harris 1 KW PA.
Antenna is 2 x 9 elm. yagi’s with a HA8ET EXTRA-2 REV6 Preamplifier and antenna combiner.
All mounted on a 18 Meter Tower with Yaesu G-2800DXC Antenna rotor.

Here are the newest pictures of my rack mounted station:

My rack in the Basement, has all my hardware for the station.

On top are my 2 PA’s for 2 Meter and 6 Meter with the cooling down under. Next the power distribution with cooling / temperature monitoring over ethernet.
After that comes Hermes SDR and Anan SDR – and lowest are Power Supply and a PowerAmp.



My two 1 KWatt PA’s are from Harris.





My New Anan-200D SDR transceiver