Latch Relay Board

Latch relays are a fine choice to the antenna system that uses no power after shift. I have made a circuit on PCB, that gives the correct pulses to the relay, with a normal PTT signal. All is implemented on a little board with SMD components and direct cable to the relays I use. It’s Dynatech FSCM 50667 relays, there where lots of them on the internet for sale, few years ago.


The board can be attached direct to the relay with a normal 10 pin cable right through, and on the other side you can apply 13.8-24 Volt / Ground / PTT and feedback of the position. If you want a board – fully mounted, look under the Buy/Sell page.

If you want to make PCB yourself – Here are the files:

Schematic: LatchRelaySMD
Board all layers: LatchRelaySMD_Brd
Board in black: LatchRelaySMD_Brd_Black
Board component placing: LatchRelaySMD_Brd_Place
Little film with test board without SMD: LatchRelayTest

In my antenna tower, I have mounted 2 relay’s.One for RX / TX and one for Vertical / Horisontal direction together with my home made Preamplifier (MGF1302).
Here is a Picture of the case nearly finished.



Board showing in film is the test board with traditional components – the new board is in SMD. Problems to view film: VLC Media Player