6M LFA-R Modification

My big 6 Meter antenna had a accident with one element. I decided to make a change on the element brackets so that it hopefully not will happen again.

New project is comming her 🙂

Latch Relay Board

Here is my PTT board for the latch relay that I have. They are mounted on my PA's output and in the tower for my preamp by the antenna.


To send correct time sequence for my transceivers, I use this sequencer to be sure that nothing will be destroyed. Sequence time can be changed and when a return signal from relay is awailable, you can make the seqence stop, when relay is not switched.

QO-100 Transceiver

I have build a QO-100 Transceiver that is controlled by an Analog Devices ADALM Pluto. The only thing I'm not finished with is to get the cables mounted in a tube under ground to the dish.

Web Power Interface

My SAT Transceiver is located outside my house in the garten. About 50m away - so its powered with a small solar plant. To activate the power from my shack or remote from the internet, I made a power switch that is web based. Have made changes, so that it can be used /p.


Digitally controlled linear Power Supply

New project is a Digital controlled linear power supply that will be precise down to 1mV and 1 mA in the range of 0-30V. This is my newest project that is in work now.
It will have 2 x 0-30V outputs and a 0-5V in same chassis as my GPSDO reference that is near finished.

10 Mhz GPSDO Reference

Some of my instruments, need a 10 Mhz reference to get accurate measuring. Therefore I build a 10 Mhz GPSDO reference. Project is finished and I'm working on a description.

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