Latch Relay Board

Here is my PTT board for the latch relay. They are mounted on my PA's output and in the tower for my preamp.


To send correct time sequence for my transceivers, I use this sequencer to be sure that nothing will be destroyed.

QO-100 Transceiver

I have build a QO-100 Transceiver that is controlled by an Analog Devices ADALM Pluto. The onlything I'm not finished with is to get the cables mounted in a tube under ground to the dish.

Web Power Interface

My SAT Transceiver is located outside my house in the garten. About 50m away - so its powered with a small solar plant. To activate the power from my shack or remote from the internet, I made a power switch that is web based


Digitally controlled linear Power Supply

New project is a Digital controlled linear power supply that will be precise down to 1mV and 1 mA in the range of 0-30V. This is my newest project that is in work now.
It will have 2 x 0-30V outputs and a 0-5V in same chassis as my GPSDO reference that is near finished.

10 Mhz GPSDO Reference

Some of my instruments, need a 10 Mhz reference to get accurate measuring. Therefore I build a 10 Mhz GPSDO reference. Comming soon

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