New 6 meter antenna

This is my new 6 elm. LFA 6 meter antenna.
As you can see, it has no reflector – its a new design from InovAntennas Justin in UK.
The performance is very good and must better noise rejection from ground.
Most of the time my signal noise floor is about -130dB.

6 -7.7.2019 : Fieldday 2019 at Høgebjerg – JO44XX

2019 on Høgebjerg was again a success for OZ1ALS. We covered all band from 6 Meter to 47 Ghz in 3 caravans with the crew. This picture is taken from south and one of the 3 antennas for 2 Meter. In the middle is the antennas for 70 cm.

This view is from north where 6 Meter is to the left and all the high and antennas are in the middle. In the background is the second 2 Meter antenna. All pictures taken by OZ1ALF Kresten.

The third antenna for 2 Meter is this big array with 8 x 4 elm. Yagi’s. The tower is stationary and pointing south.

If you are interested in results from the fieldday – OZ7Z- Allan’s site can give information. Hope to here you next year again – about 1 weekend of July 2020.

The team is: OZ1LPR – Peter, OZ7Z Allan, Oz1ALF Kresten, OZ9DT Palle, OZ3KAM Karsten,  Oz1LPQ Kaj, OZ1DLD – Bent, OZ1FF Kjeld, OZ5TG Verner, OZ8ZS Henrik and 2 more.

1 – 2.7.2017 : Fieldday 2017 at Høgebjerg – JO44XX

This year we had much rain at Friday, where all equipment where brought up to the top of Høgebjerg. But it succeeded at last with help of Karsten OZ3KAM that had a car with 4 Wheel drive.
Saturday and Sunday the weather was much better and we made many QSO’s. I made my first QSO with Norbert DC6UW on 47 Ghz from JO44xx to JO44uk Aschberg in Germany.
Palle OZ9DT took a Picture from the event.

Henrik OZ8ZS and me operating at 47 Ghz
Picture from Kjeld OZ1FF

Upcomming event:

Remote Access board for PA’s and power  updates are coming under projects.

Later comes a description, on how to setup Power SDR – WSJT-x – Log4om and more.

OZ7LM – Leif – 10. July 2019