Things for sale

On this page you will find things I have made for me or other Radio Amateurs and also things I have.
When you find somthing of interest - contact me: lm at a-l-s dot dk

Dust cover for Begali Signature Edition CW Key (101x78.5mm)
The cover is 3D printet in PTG and you can get your own call on top.
The call is recessed, so that you can append text color with paint.
I make them black-white or transparent. The transparent is not fully transparent - it is near white. (see right picture)
Later I will get other colours.
Picture in 3D and finished cover on key is shown here to the right.
More pictures are available.
If you want one - contact me on mail. Prize: 15 EURO + shipment

More to come 🙂