Digitally controlled linear power supply

It’s time to get a new power supply that is accurate down to 1 mV and 1 mA. The range must be the same as all standard power supplies, 0–30V and current 0-10A.
There must be 2 controlled outputs and one with 0-5V / 0-3A, where the 2 outputs can be configured to be controlled separately, or together so that output can be 60V 10A.
I want the high voltage because I work partly with 48V battery chargers that goes up to 58V.
On the front I would like to have a 3.5 or 4.3 inch touch TFT Display that shows all information. Right next there must be keys for control with light in to show status, and a big rotary encoder with button.
The touch display could also be a showing a keypad for entering a correct value directly.
Transformer must be a toroid type that have different outputs to change primary voltage, for getting low heat dissipation and low noise from the fan. Security is also a big issue so that it is safe to use on expensive equipment.

Something like this layout would be nice:


Next I will go in details on how it will be designed.

Coming up 🙂